Win, Caring, Discipleship, Send Under Umbrella we call – D-12 Vision.

The Jesus’s 12 Discipleship Plan.

4 Steps of Success” is used to describe the main steps of the D12 Vision.

  • 1. Win: Prayer, Fasting and Evangelism

aiming to win people to a new belief in Christ.

  • 2. Caring:

This stage involves attending an Encounter with God weekend retreat, where a new believer is ‘consolidated’ in the faith by prayer, exposing of generational curses, casting out of demons and deep repentance.

  • 3. Discipleship:

At this stage, individuals enroll in the School of Leaders, which will begin to train the believer to recruit new disciples.

  • 4. Send:

Leaders are ‘sent’ to do the work by establishing a new house or small cell group of 12 men or 12 women depending on the gender of the leader and house group should not have more than 15 members maximum.

Rev. Pastor Alves, BA, MSM 
Gospel of Grace Baptist Church