What must be done to win in the face of great life’s struggles ahead in 2021?

What must be done to win in the face of great life’s struggles ahead in 2021?

First Message of the new year 2021.
Biblical Text: 1 Samuel 30: 1-20

– Great storm (tribulation, adversity) rushed over the life of David and his men – v.  1-6

Transition Point:
– We are all liable to face great storms at some points in our existence.  (John 16:33, Psalm 34:19)
– Today’s biblical text in 1 Samuel 30.1-20 teaches us some actions to be taken in times of great storms / adversities in our life:

I.) Revive in the Lord – v.  6 b
– “David struggled in the Lord” (ARC);  “David was revived in the Lord” (ARA);  “Was strengthened in the Lord” (NIV);  “The Lord … gave him courage” (NTLH).
– “… from weakness they drew strength, became powerful in battle and put foreign armies to flight” (Heb 11.34).
– In the most difficult moments of life, we either rise up finding strength in God, or we will be defeated.

II.) Consult the Lord – v.  7.8
– We need to learn to consult the Lord before making decisions, especially those of greater importance.
– Joshua and the leaders of Israel stopped consulting God and were deceived by the Gibeonites to whom they were imprisoned – Josh 9:14

III.) Act based on the Promises of God, on the Word of God regardless of circumstances – v.  9.10
– God directed David to pursue his enemies.  Based on that Word and this Promise of God, David acted.
– Although not all of David’s men were able to go ahead, David remained steadfast in his action.
– “Simon answered him, Master, having worked all night, we caught nothing, but under your word I will cast the nets” (Lk 5.5).

IV.) Count on God’s Providence – v.  11-16
– When God’s purpose is to lead us to victory, He will always act on our behalf through His Divine Providence.
– Notice how in the life of Joseph of Egypt, everything was God’s Providence.

V.) Fight decisively with all your strength – v.  17
– Act decisively, do what needs to be done, face the problem head on, face to face;  overcome all tiredness, gather all your strength, fight!

VI.) Recover everything you can recover – v.  18-20
– Don’t settle for less, don’t settle in some kind of comfort zone.
– Seek to make up for lost time, your family, your marriage, your children, your possessions.

– The same people who talked about stoning David (v. 6), now honored him (v. 20).
– The storms / adversities that God allows us to go through can be disguised opportunities for Him to honor us, for Him to confirm our leadership.
– They are certainly opportunities for us to acquire great experiences with our God!

Blessings in Christ,

Rev. Pastor Alves, BA, MSM
Gospel of Grace Baptist Church